CYSI:3 A Collection of Kintrasts

You wanted it and you got it! (Well maybe you didn't want it, but now you have it, or at least you sort of have it...) It's Can You Say Indie? Volume 3: A Collection of Kintrasts!
This is truly an eclectic smattering of songs. I guarantee that you will not like some of the songs. Well maybe I shouldn't guarantee that because I like all the songs. Ok, disclaimer: You will not like all the songs on this disc unless your subconscious wants to be exactly like me. There is a very large genre range here as well, something I like in any mixed cd. And the subject matter is all over the place too. We have songs about dropping a cell phone, searching for your friends in various places, a duet about two people falling through the ice, love songs, a touching (could even be described as teary eyed) song about a nurse of sorts, a couple covered songs (both Radiohead and Beyonce), a song featured on Grey's Anatomy, one featuring a clarinet where they sing about being silent, and many, many more jems. So you want the song list? Ya you do.

CYSI:3 Kintrasts

1 Acceptable In The 80's - Calvin Harris
2 Drop The Phone - Shy Child
3 White On White Crime - The Jai-Alai Savant
4 Charlotte - Air Traffic
5 You Are The One - Shiny Toy Guns
6 Transylvania - Mcfly
7 Black Shoes - The Films
8 The City, The Airport (Remix) - Loney, Dear
9 Pink Light - Laura Veirs
10 Crazy In Love - The Magic Numbers
11 Rose - The Feeling
12 Creep - Damien Rice
13 A Bitter Song - Butterfly Boucher
14 The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide (Remix) - The Blow
15 Silence Teaches You How To Sing - Underwater Sleeping Society
16 Fire It Up - Modest Mouse
17 Rosia - Kelly Jones
18 Lost And Found - Last Days Of April
19 When We Fell Through The Ice - Fireworks Night
20 Elephant Gun - Beirut
21 Street Of Dreams - Sofia Talvik

And, like always, a cd can be made available upon request. And, in a limited time special offer, I can burn you a compilation cd featuring every song from CYSI 1, 2 and 3 in mp3 format.


Okay, I know people will revisit old blog posts and check to see if there are any new comments. I know this because I do it. Therefore, I am updating this blog in the comments.

You should all listen to CYSI:3. If you have never met me, that is cool. All you need to do is find some of these bands on myspace or itunes or something and give them a listen. There are some real good indie bands in here people.

I really like the song Elephant Gun by Beirut, featured on CYSI:3. So, I went and found a couple cds from this (almost) one-man-band. And, I must say, he is a worthy addition to my indie listening habits now. So, continue the trend, find someone you like and get some more of their music. Spread it around.

P.S. April Fools shall henceforth be known as April Fools: Day of the Stripes. You all need to wear colourful stripes tomorrow. The more the merrier. It is a decree from me, and those don't come very often.

Anonymous said...

What about for non McKernan folk? Can we avail ourselves of the vol's??
Miss you Matty. Nancy xo

I hereby certify, as a well-recognized awesome person, that Can You Say Indie? Volume 3: A Collection of Kintrasts is officially absurdly good. Of course, I have never found any editions of the CYSI? series to be disappointing; they are reliably environmentally friendly and dancerrific. The lovely mix of kintrasting songs featured in Volume 3 creates a perfect tension of melancholy, silliness, excitement, and lovesickness, rivaled by no other mix CD. When I become Prime Minister, "Drop the Phone" will replace "O Canada" as our national anthem. I could go on and on about this album, but since I am (of course) David Suzuki, I shall keep this comment relatively concise.

As an aside, because Cait is a super-sleuth, she looked up the lyrics for "Transylvania" online. The song is not actually about Asian lovers, Haitian lovers, or any other ethnicity of lovers. Rather, the members of McFly are singing, "Who-oo is your lover?" It must be the British accents that make their pronunciation so very ambiguous. Also on the topic of Cait, the readers of Traversing the Path should note that Cait doesn't always look like a psychotic and maniacal monarch. Despite how flattering the crown and mace are, she does sometimes look slightly more sane than the most recent CYSI? cover might suggest. Being a queen just makes her a bit more intense than usual.

P.S. I am glad to hear that you use baby corn to fuel your car, Matt. Lindsay might not be a "green" car, but at least she appreciates the usefulness of corn. As a vehement environmentalist, I commend you on your efforts to save our planet.

Thanks for the album accolades David! (We are on a first name basis now right?)

And yes, non-McKernan folk can indeed enjoy CYSI? Sometimes they show up in packages along with birthday greetings and such. I seem to remember one coming soon for you Anonymous. I may just have to send it early so you can enjoy the greatness of CYSI? along with David.

And, faithful blog readers, you may want to let experience speak for itself rather than listening to everything David says. Cait can be maniacal, and seeing as it is an adjective starting with "m" it cannot be incorrect. A picture speaks a thousand words; all 1000 can't be lies, can they?

P.S. It's like Lindsay almost runs on bio-diesel! At least corn is good for something, but in this case, it's only good at burning...

I'd like to place my order, provided it's on a "no-money down" basis.

Hook me up with Vol. 1-3!

Anonymous said...

And here all this time I thought the clicking of the keyboard in your room was due to "homework"! Hmmmm...


I would also like to place an order for Volumes 1 through 3. And yes you may accompany them with a card. As I didn't receive a birthday card from you, you can send it along with one of those "belated" ones.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Rec'd the CD in good order however it was left in the vehicle while I went to Nashville. But now that I am back I wanted to submit to you my heartfelt 'thanks'. - Nancy