The Humans are Dead

I was supposed to be working on a paper all night tonight. It seems that has not been the case. Oh well, less working on my part means a short blog post for you! Yay!

Mike tried to tell me to watch this show called Flight of the Conchords but I didn't listen. Then he showed me them on Youtube. Hilarious! They are a comedy duo from New Zealand. Also, if you recently watched Eagle vs. Shark you will recognize one of them as the "Eagle" in the movie. The movie is worth a watch by the way.

Check out this video of them in action.

I'll get back to my paper now. I will post again soon because I told Cait I would. I think she might leave me if I don't. So, I'll talk to you again soon.


I won't leave you. Just take a break from you for a while.

(The video does make up somewhat for the lack of substance in this entry, but I miss your more ruminative writing. I kind of developed a crush on you while reading those entries.)

Well I would hate to write anything that would create more ladies with crushes. But I would also hate to be on a break. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

Just write about your undying love for me. That way, I'll be satisfied, but other ladies will be dissuaded from pursuing you. Copping out of blogging with feeble excuses is cheating.

Anonymous said...

Hey - have you watched the TV show on these guys yet? Ash just bought season one on the 'net. . . I'm fairly hooked already.


Mom said...

Are you EVER going to write in your blog again???